This Book’s All Lies is a documentary about young love, obsessions, and learning how to dress like one of the cool kids. It is a story about expressing yourself to no one but yourself. It’s the kind of movie where not much happens but too much is felt. It gives a small glimpse into one homeschooling community in Texas and a large glimpse into one 15 year old boy’s poorly written book. It’s about the lies humans tell to themselves in order to feel the emotions they crave.
Over the course of five years many scenes had to be cut to make the story as focused and engaging as it could be. Several of those scenes are available below. They feature great interview segments, acting performances, cinematography, animation, and editing that is worth sharing in short form.
Patrick Zimmerman doesn’t write books anymore (and never actually finished the one in the movie). He does (obviously) make movies. He has done that movie thing for many years. There are several experimental short films and documentaries of his own making. He has also collaborated on a few feature documentaries for PBS. Most recently he is an animator and editor for a life science marketing agency in California.
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